Know what's going online

Find negative and damaging social media posts
made by you or those you care for.
With knowledge you can do something about it.
Cleanup your history before it affects your future.
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Stop a bad online profile before it gets out of control

Remove the fear of not knowing

IndiProfile reports on the sentiment and appropriateness of social media posts.

Simple & Effective

By continually monitoring your online profile, we can report on positive, negative and inapropriate content.

You can easily find, correct or remove posts that could embarrass you now and in the future.

All In One Place

It is easy to review and correct an online profile if you know how to find it.

IndiProfile gives you everything you need to make your profile the best reflection of your real self.


We only use the highest industry standards of security to ensure your online content is protected.

Your data is never shared with anyone else. We respect your data as if it was our own.

Sentiment & Content Analysis

Connect your social media accounts

Every post is analysed and reviewed

Take action and remove inappropriate content

Parents : know what is being shared

Stay up-to-date with what is going on online and in public.
With knowledge you can discus the impact of inapropriate material and cleanup mistakes made in the past.

Job Candidates : remove negative content

Employers will look at your online profile before making an offer. Will they find something from your past that could change their mind?
Find posts that don't reflect the person you are today and remove them from your online and public profile.

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Continue to track what is going online and stay ahead of any embarrassing content.

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Review your history and remove anything that could effect your future

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